Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Care of your yarns

Like all dyes, natural dyes will fade over time.

At Solas we take great care to make sure the dye is set to the fibre, allowing to mordant overnight. After dyeing we rinse the yarn until the water runs clear.

To ensure the long life of your naturally dyed yarn/ garment, store out of sunlight in an airtight container when not being worn. Wash as little as you can, wool rejects dirt and odours naturally so you can just air your garment. If you do need to, wash with a little bit of gentle no rinse, ph neutral wool wash in cold – lukewarm water. Dry flat. 

Also, a change in ph can effect the dye colour. For example due to acidic tap water. We can not be held responsible if something like this happens.

A little color bleeding may accur during washing. It is always recommended to swatch and block before doing before starting any project. With indigo, it’s quite normal for the dye to ‘crock’ off a little when knitting with it as pressure is applied- this is the normal wearing process of indigo (just like your jeans!). We will not be held responsible for any colour transfer.

Use of your personal data

We only use your personal information for shipping your order and, if your signed up for them, sending our newsletters .

Shipping and returns

We send out your order as fast as we can, our main shipping day is on fridays. Please keep in mind that we also have daytime jobs and small kids 🙂

Note that the buyer is responsible for any custom fees.

You can cancel your order, but not after we have already shipped it.

If you wish to return the order, please get in touch with us asap. Items returned within 14 days are refunded if they are in the original and unused state. Please note shipping costs, as well as custom orders and limited edition/themed boxes, are not refundable. 

The buyer is responsible for the return postage costs.

We take great care in capturing the right colors as accurately as possible in photographs, but please note every monitor is different.

Dutch law applies.

Custom orders

Temporarily, custom orders are closed due to high demand