Plötulopi – 9103


The plötulopi plate is unspun, like pencil roving, so the strand is very delicate. Pure Icelandic wool has soft inner fibers that grip onto longer, water-repellent fibers on the outside. If the plötulopistrand breaks, you can gently twist it back together with a drop of water.

I would advise knitting from the outside instead of the inside of the plate, but you can also wind the yarn into a ball prior to knitting with it

This plötulopi is made in Iceland by Istex with 100% virgin Icelandic wool. Istex has been a top producer of Icelandic knitting yarn since 1896. The company is 80% owned by Icelandic farmers who let their sheep out to wander freely in the highlands and shear the world’s cleanest wool.

A 100-gram plate contains about 300 meters.

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