Natural Sock – Chanterelle


Natural Sock – Chanterelle

I have been looking for a sock yarn for a long time. Nylon was not an option, and also the wool content needed to be non-superwash. When I finally found this base, it was love at first sight!

The blend of my Natural Sock is 70% wool and 30% Tencel, which makes this yarn have a really nice drape and shine. It is worsted spun, meaning that the fibers are combed in the same direction giving the yarn its softness.

Perfect for non-nylon socks, as the Tencel provides for extra strength. Or what about summer tops and tees?

Yardage is about 400 meters per 100 gram skein.

Suggested needle size: 2mm-3mm

70% non-superwash wool 30% Tencel. Handwash with a PH-neutral soap and dry flat

This rich orange shade is dyed with madder roots


Pattern suggestions:

Botanica Socks by Paula Wiśniewska

Gro Socks by FiberTales

Kuutar by Sari Nordlund

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